"2017" Featured Movies

The Polka King (2017)

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Local Pennsylvania polka legend Jan Lewan develops a plan to get rich that shocks his fans and lands him in jail.

Brigsby Bear (2017)

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Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children's TV show produced for an audience of one: James. When the show abruptly ends...

Iceman 2 (2017)

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The imperial guard and his three traitorous childhood friends ordered to hunt him down get accidentally buried and kept frozen in time. 400 years later pass and they are defrosted continuing the battle they left behind

Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2017)

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A follow-up to the film Iron Sky The Coming Race.Iron Sky The Coming Race

Viena and the Fantomes (2017)

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A roadie travels across North America with a punk band during the 1980s.

The Death of Stalin (2017)

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Follows the Soviet dictator's last days and depicts the chaos of the regime after his death.

Rememory (2017)

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The widow of a wise professor stumbles upon one of his inventions that's able to record and play a person's memory.

Gautamiputra Satakarni (2017)

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This movie chronicles the life of a South Indian ruler of the Satavahana Empire in South India in the 2nd century CE.

Sarvann (2017)

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A young man travels to India to connect with his roots; the journey changes his life.

The House (2017)

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A dad convinces his friends to start an illegal casino in his basement after he and his wife spend their daughter's college fund.

The War on Loan Sharks (2017)

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As households struggle to make ends meet, illegal money lenders are preying on the vulnerable by encouraging them to take out unlicensed loans, charging huge interest rates and then using extreme levels of violence, intimidation and shame to make them pay.

Katherine Ryan in Trouble (2017)

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Katherine Ryan in Trouble: Canadian comic Katherine Ryan performs a stand-up routine from the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London A live recording of Katherine Ryan's Kathbum show, filmed at the end of her UK tour at the Hammersmith Apollo in May 2016.

Is Anybody Out There (2017)

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Documentary exploring attempts to discover alien intelligence through the use of messages sent into space.

Check Point (2017)

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Port City North Carolina: During a routine camp out, a local vagrant discovers plans for an invasion in America...

Go North (2017)

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Set in the wake of unknown catastrophe which has resulted in an adult-free community being led by a cabal of former high school jocks. After two members set out on a dangerous journey into the unknown to find family and hope for the future, Caleb and his vicious underling Gentry follow in hot pursuit.

Mistrust (2017)

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Plot outline not being disclosed at this time.

Secret Santa (2017)

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Secret Santa

Unkillable (2017)

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Special Agent Nikolo Wallace (Troy N. Ashford) has had a long, hard and dangerous career....Bringing down some of the worst criminals known to society...

As You Are (2017)

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Set in the early 1990's, "As You Are" is the telling and retelling of a relationship between three teenagers as it traces the course of their friendship through a construction of disparate memories prompted by a police investigation.

Generation Iron 2 (2017)

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Generation Iron 2

Storm: Letters van Vuur (2017)

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Storm Voeten, son of printer Klaas Voeten, becomes the target of a hunt by the Inquisition. Aided by Marieke...Storm Letters van Vuur

Bibi & Tina: Tohuwabohu total (2017)

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Bibi & Tina: Tohuwabohu total . Bibi & Tina Tohuwabohu total

The Bad Batch (2017)

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A dystopian love story in a Texas wasteland and set in a community of cannibals.

Dean (2017)

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A comedy about loss, grief and the redemptive power of love, Dean is an NY illustrator who falls hard for an LA woman while trying to prevent his father from selling the family home in the wake of his mother's death.