"2015" Featured Movies

Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown (2015)

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1990 Oklahoma : Carlton Layton arrived home to find his wife in the arms of another man, he went out to his van and donned the clown suit that he used as a children's entertainer and proceeded to slaughter his wife and her lover. All of this was witnessed by his 5 year old daughter and Carlton escaped into the night leaving his little girl behind.Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

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Three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a new threat arises. The First Order attempts to rule the galaxy and only a ragtag group of heroes can stop them, along with the help of the Resistance.

Give Em Hell Kid (2015)

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Comedian Jermaine Fowler performs his first ever stand-up special, poking fun at his life in hilarious detail. From being raised by his young parents to growing up with a brother his family thought was mentally challenged.

Better Than the Original: The Joy of the Cover Version (2015)

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Celebrating the role of the cover in pop music, and how to reinvent someone elses song.Better Than the Original The Joy of the Cover Version

Concussion (2015)

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In Pittsburgh, accomplished pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu uncovers the truth about brain damage in football players who suffer repeated concussions in the course of normal play.

That's Not Us (2015)

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That's Not Us is an intimate portrait of three twenty-something couples as they travel to a beach house to enjoy the last days of summer...Thats Not Us

Norfolk (2015)

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A father has to go and kill one more time; his son has to deal with the consequences.

Baby, Baby, Baby (2015)

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The relationship between two mismatched people who try to move past their baggage to make their love work.Baby Baby Baby

A Christmas to Remember (2015)

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Two families that hated each other for years are forced to spend Christmas together.

Aloha (2015)

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A celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs and reconnects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watch-dog assigned to him.

Black or White (2015)

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A grieving widower is drawn into a custody battle over his granddaughter, whom he helped raise her entire life.

Project Almanac (2015)

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A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. However, things start to get out of control.

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

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An assassin teams up with a woman to help her find her father and uncover the mysteries of her ancestry. Hitman Agent 47

The Gallows (2015)

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20 years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy - but soon discover that some things are better left alone.

In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

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A recounting of a New England whaling ship's sinking by a giant whale in 1820, an experience that later inspired the great novel Moby-Dick.

The Lazarus Effect (2015)

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A group of medical researchers discover a way to bring dead patients back to life.

Love the Coopers (2015)

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When four generations of the Cooper clan come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration, a...

Run All Night (2015)

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Mobster and hit man Jimmy Conlon has one night to figure out where his loyalties lie: with his estranged son, Mike, whose life is in danger, or his longtime best friend, mob boss Shawn Maguire, who wants Mike to pay for the death of his own son.

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2015)

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40 years after the first haunting at Eel Marsh House, a group of children evacuated from WWII London arrive, awakening the house's darkest inhabitant.The Woman in Black 2 Angel of Death

Ricki and the Flash (2015)

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A musician who gave up everything for her dream of rock-and-roll stardom returns home, looking to make things right with her family.

No Escape (2015)

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In their new overseas home, an American family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape from an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

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The last witch hunter is all that stands between humanity and the combined forces of the most horrifying witches in history.

Sinister 2 (2015)

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A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that's marked for death.

Point Break (2015)

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A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists.