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Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2017)

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Dead Over Heels An Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Librarian and real crime buff Aurora "Roe" Teagarden never liked Detective Sergeant Jack Burns. She also never wanted to see him dead, but when he winds up murdered, she can't help but get involved.

Uncertain (2015)

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Uncertain is a visually stunning and disarmingly funny portrait of the literal and figurative troubled waters of Uncertain, Texas, a 94-resident town so tucked away "you've got to be lost to find it".

Women who run Hollywood (2016)

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Very few people know that Hollywood was largely dominated by women as filmmakers in the 1910s and 20s...

The Creeping Garden (2015)

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The Creeping Garden is a feature length documentary exploring the work of fringe scientists, mycologists and artists, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mould.

When Television Goes Horribly Wrong (2016)

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A collection of some of the most infamous moments in television history from around the world featuring technical difficulties, accidents, mishaps and on-screen meltdowns. Narrated by Sarah Greene with contributions from TV stars.

The Milky Way (2015)

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The Milky Way is a groundbreaking breastfeeding documentary that will change the face of American motherhood...

Two Angry Men (2016)

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Two men battle against the odds to stage a play daring to tackle religious division in the Belfast shipyards in the late 1950s...

Deep Purple: From Here to InFinite (2017)

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Deep Purple: From Here to InFinite: Feature length documentary about the story behind the pioneering and influential British heavy metal band as they enter the studio to record their new album.Deep Purple: From Here to InFinite

Evil Sherry (2017)

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Mark wants to save Linda and Sherry using wild methods. In the meanwhile a dark side of their souls rise. To fight evil you need evil.

Across the Line (2015)

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A young, black NHL hopeful living in a racially divided Nova Scotian community finds his career prospects in jeopardy when tensions in his community come to a head.

Jim Norton: Mouthful of Shame (2017)

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Jim Norton: Mouthful of Shame.Jim Norton Mouthful of Shame

Kurt Braunohler: Trust Me (2017)

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Kurt Braunohler shines a light on the hidden absurdities of life, lending his self-effacing point of view to everything from the controversial to the mundane. He dives into the dregs of reality TV, gives damning praise to dogs for their boundless loyalty, and shares a plan to undermine white male privilege that might just be crazy enough to work. Kurt Braunohler Trust Me

Life Inside Islamic State (2017)

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This short documentary depicts the activists diary of what life is like under Islamic State.

Dogwalker (2016)

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A dark-comedy adventure of a young dog walker, after the unexpected death of one of her favorite clients.

Moonlight in Vermont (2017)

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After fast-paced New York City high-end real estate broker gets dumped by her boyfriend, she escapes...

Smile! The Nation's Family Album (2017)

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Family photos give an intimate portrait of Britain's post-war social history, with each generation having a different camera to tell their story. New technologies and evolving social attitudes inspired the nation to pick up a camera. Smile The Nations Family Album

On Camera: Photographers at the BBC (2017)

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Drawing on the BBC's rich archive, this documentary reveals the working practices, lives and opinions of some of the greatest photographers of the last 60 years bringing into focus the key genres of photography.On Camera Photographers at the BBC

Legend (2015)

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Identical twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray terrorize London during the 1960s.

Breaking the Bank (2016)

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With ruthless US and Japanese investment banks circling Tuftons, a struggling two-hundred-year-old, family-run British bank, can its bumbling, incompetent chairman, Sir Charles Bunbury, fend off the onslaught and save the bank?

Barbie: Star Light Adventure (2016)

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Barbie, a space Princess, sees her world rapidly change, as the stars in the sky begin to fade away. On her voyage to a new planet, she will join forces with a special rescue team.Barbie Star Light Adventure

The Evangelist (2016)

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At seven years old, Bill Horton watched in horror as a serial killer murdered his mother. Known as The Evangelist, he places a bible next to her body and quotes scripture as he leaves Bill alone and destroyed. Thirty years later, Bill has grown up and appears to be a model citizen, spending his days cleaning his house and baking. He has, however, picked up the mantle of The Evangelist, killing those who he finds wicked and evil and leaving a bible by their bodies. Bill only opens up to Dr. Laura Cooper, a psychiatrist, who discovers Bill's dark secret. She contacts young Detective Edward Legros who is working on the case with his cynical, veteran partner, Detective John Vance. But what Vance knows about the original Evangelist will lead to a bloody showdown.

Anthropoid (2016)

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Based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the WWII mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution and the Reich's third in command after Hitler and Himmler.

Summer Camp (2016)

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Four American counsellors at a European summer camp must deal with the outbreak of a rage-inducing plague that starts in the animals.

I Am Wrath (2016)

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A man is out for justice after a group of corrupt police officers are unable to catch his wife's killer.