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Taylor Swift: The 1989 World Tour Live (2016)

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Filmed in front of 76,000 fans at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia, "The 1989 World Tour Live" captures Taylor Swift's entire performance while also mixing in behind-the-scene, rehearsal, and special guest footage from her 1989 Tour.

Gordon Buchanan: Life in the Snow (2016)

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Gordon Buchanan: Life in the Snow Gordon Buchanan Life in the Snow

The Peter Kay Story (2016)

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Documentary tracing the career of one of Britains best-loved and most successful comedians, charting his journey from humble beginnings to superstardom. Featuring contributions from people who know him or have worked with him, as well as his fans and biographers.

Bloody Marys (2016)

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Legend has it that Bloody Mary was a ruthless killer, whose soul could be summoned by a simple ritual that unleashes a vengeful womans wrath. Though reciting Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary! into a mirror may be just a scary slumber party prank, its true that some of historys most brutal female killers have borne the name of Mary. After all, Mary was the most popular name for females in the English-speaking world from the 1800s to the 1960s. In Investigation Discoverys all-new special, BLOODY MARYS, explore chilling tales of these notorious, like-named murderers driven to kill out of anger, jealousy, greed, or just for the thrill.

Mommy's Little Girl (2016)

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Growing up under terrible circumstances in a loveless home, a girl who finally finds happiness refuses to let anyone take it from her.

Haraamkhor (2017)

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In a small Gujarati town, a school teacher has more than an academic interest in one of his female students.

Robot 2 (2017)

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In the near future, a scientist builds a robot called Chitti.

Ok Jaanu (2017)

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Adi and Tara move to Mumbai to pursue their dreams. A chance meeting sparks off a heady, no strings attached romance until their careers pull them apart. Will ambition prevail over matters of the heart?

Ian Harvie: May the Best Cock Win (2016)

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Ian Harvie is the first female to male (FTM) transgender, professional comedian of our time. He returns to his first love, in his sharply funny and poignant, debut 1-hour stand up comedy special, MAY THE BEST COCK WIN! Ian Harvie May the Best Cock Win

The Tragedy of King Lear (2017)

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Based on Shakespeare's 1606 play. The aged King Lear divides his kingdom between two of his three daughters. Not foreseeing the disastrous consequences

Like a Girl (2017)

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Exploring the world of ladies football, Like a Girl tackles the prejudices, misunderstandings and excellence...

Follow the Plan (2017)

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Rachel is fired from work after she misses a few days because of the suicide of her best friend Angela...

Kate's Chocolates (2017)

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Kate is a quiet girl and is lucky enough to get a job as a taste tester at a chocolate factory. She's asked to promote the company on camera but as she starts to put weight on, her boss fires her, she takes the company to court.Kate s Chocolates

Wuthering Heights (2016)

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Wuthering Heights is a wild, passionate tale of the intense and demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff...

Raven Waiting (2016)

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The Raven Waiting a Fantasy movie Direct by Dan Rowbottom.

Svarta Madam (2017)

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Jake and his paranormal team are spending a weekend at an old 16th century cabin where the infamous witch, Svarte Madam, is buried.

The Ballet Master: Sir Peter Wright at 90 (2016)

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A look at the life and career of the classical dancer, choreographer, television director and teacher who celebrated his 90th birthday in November 2016. Featuring interviews with Sir Peter and those who have worked alongside him.The Ballet Master Sir Peter Wright at 90

Two Steps from Hope (2017)

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When tragedy strikes, a teen struggles to keep her once perfect family from falling apart.

The French American (2017)

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U.S.-born John Tschirhart was a Frenchman to his core, wanting nothing more than a life in France with his beloved Malou and best friend Jacques...

Nathan's Kingdom (2017)

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Nathan's Kingdom is an imaginative coming of age drama about Laura, a 19-year-old outcast, who will not surrender Nathan... Nathan s Kingdom

Nursery Rhyme of a Madman (2017)

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An established poet is trapped in an asylum by two crazy doctors in competition over two schools of thought...

EXCRETION: The Shocking True Story of the Football Moms (2017)

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The climb of 90s punk band The Football Moms to the top becomes a chronicle of abuse, betrayal, and unhygienic...EXCRETION The Shocking True Story of the Football Moms

All or Nothing (2017)

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Vsetko alebo nic.Vsetko alebo nic

First House on the Hill (2017)

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Four friends decide to spend a weekend in a Malibu mansion owned by an old lady. The situation is flipped upside down once they come across an ancient haunted tarot deck that will change the fate of their lives.