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Mountain Devil (1970)

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Based on the true events that occurred in the Appalachian Mountains, Mountain Devil recounts the frightening...

The Jihadis Next Door (2016)

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Over the course of two years film-maker Jamie Roberts meets those spreading extremist Islamic fundamentalism in Britain, including a bouncy castle salesman who is now one of the world's most wanted men.

Stereo (2014)

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The appearance of a mysterious, hooded man evokes Erik's sinister past.

Something Sinister (2017)

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Amelia's claustrophobic life with Aunt Helen is disrupted when her past tries to push through to her present.

Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (2017)

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An intimate portrait of Hollywood royalty featuring Debbie Reynolds, Todd Fisher, and Carrie Fisher.Bright Lights Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.Bright Lights Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Circus of the Dead (2014)

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A man becomes entangled in a deadly morality game when the circus comes to town and a sadistic clown forces him to examine the things in life he takes for granted in the most horrific ways.

Clinical (2017)

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A psychiatrist tries to put her life back together after a violent attack by seeking to repair the life of a new patient, but he has his own terrifying history.

Quincy Jones: Burning the Light (2016)

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Quincy Jones: Burning the Light.Quincy Jones Burning the Light

Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas (2016)

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Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas in an upcoming Sesame Street Christmas Special, set to debut on HBO on November 25th 2016. Guests featured in the special include Audra McDonald, Zosia Mamet, and Jim Gaffigan.

Craft: The California Beer Documentary (2015)

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Follow along with director Jeff Smith, as he discovers all that California has to offer in the exciting world of craft beer. Includes interviews at Sierra Nevada, Stone Brewing, Lagunitas, and many, many, many others.Craft The California Beer Documentary

Jim Gaffigan: Cinco (2016)

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The king of clean comedy returns for his fifth hour long comedy special.Jim Gaffigan Cinco

Natasha Leggero: Live at Bimbo's (2015)

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"Live at Bimbo's" is the first one-hour stand up special from Natasha Leggero, star of Comedy Central's Another Period and The Roast of Justin Bieber...Natasha Leggero Live at Bimbo's

Dead Ring (2016)

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Afraid of the outside world, Emily (Savanah McMahon) seeks an unorthodox therapist that tells her of a spell that will rid her of her phobia by summoning a Dead Ring. It's a doppelganger of the worst way one could imagine themselves to be. As Emily's twin emerges from her closet, a friendship deepens. Soon, the forces of darkness gloom and Emily is forced to make a grueling choice.

Marking Out (2016)

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Marking Out is a comedic documentary that follows a group of grown men as they try to figure out why...

WWE Hell in a Cell (2016)

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Watch WWE Hell in a Cell Online

Viva Amiga (2017)

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Viva Amiga

Jimmy Carr: Funny Business (2016)

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British comedian Jimmy Carr unleashes his deadpan delivery and wickedly funny one-liners to a sold-out audience at the UK's Hammersmith Apollo.Jimmy Carr Funny Business

Blood Sombrero (2016)

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Set in the south Texas town of Sucio Sangre near the vicious Mexican border, BLOOD SOMBRERO stars Billy...

Badlands of Kain (2016)

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Shannon and Kris embark on a cross country road trip, to put back the pieces of their strained friendship...

Max Steel (2016)

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The adventures of teenager Max McGrath and his alien companion, Steel, who must harness and combine their tremendous new powers to evolve into the turbo-charged superhero Max Steel.

Trippin with Leigh (2016)

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Trippin with Leigh is a documentary film about the transformation of one mans life, who, having cheated death, travels to Peru to gain enlightenment through the use of hallucinogens and spirit medicines.

Autohead (2016)

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A documentary crew starts to make a documentary about an Auto Rickshaw driver in Mumbai. As they dig deeper into his life they discover angst, sexual frustration and paranoia that leads to a terrible end.

BLDNG Movie (2015)

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Don't lose your keys or you will never get out of here.

Jen Kirkman: Just Keep Livin? (2017)

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Incisive comic Jen Kirkman gets real about women's bodies, the value of alone time and an Italian private tour guide who may have been a ghost. Jen Kirkman Just Keep Livin?. Jen Kirkman jokes about women's bodies, meditation, and a ghostly tour guide in her stand-up routine. Jen Kirkman Just Keep Livin?