Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tail (2015)

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A stunning new documentary series exploring the incredible story of uranium, from its creation in an exploding star to its deployment in nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and nuclear medicine. It’s a journey across nine countries and more than a century of stories, to discover the rock that made the modern world. It’s part science, part history, and all epic adventure. Join physicist and YouTube phenomenon Dr. Derek Muller as he reveals the untold story of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth. Uranium Twisting the Dragons Tail. URANIUM Twisting the Dragons Tail is an Australian made series, an epic journey through nine countries and over a century of stories...Uranium Twisting the Dragon's Tail

Earthtastrophe (2016)

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In a white hot flash of light, and with no warning, one minute our moon is there, the next it's gone...

BLDNG Movie (2015)

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Don't lose your keys or you will never get out of here.

Jen Kirkman: Just Keep Livin? (2017)

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Incisive comic Jen Kirkman gets real about women's bodies, the value of alone time and an Italian private tour guide who may have been a ghost. Jen Kirkman Just Keep Livin?. Jen Kirkman jokes about women's bodies, meditation, and a ghostly tour guide in her stand-up routine. Jen Kirkman Just Keep Livin?

Dark Awakening (2015)

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4,000 thousand years ago an ancient and powerful artifact capable of amplifying the dark side present...

DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High (2016)

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When Supergirl first joins Superhero High she learns to become better hero and find new friends.DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High

Darth Maul: Apprentice (2016)

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With his training almost complete, Darth Maul must face six Jedi in order to reach his true potential, and become a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Yung Galore (2017)

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Danny and Dolly meet for the first time at a bus stop, both waiting to attend their first day back at high school...

1916: The Irish Rebellion (2016)

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Narrated by Liam Neeson, this landmark documentary tells the dramatic story of the events that took place in Dublin during Easter Week 1916, when a small group of Irish rebels took on the might of the British Empire. 1916 The Irish Rebellion

Murdered by My Father (2016)

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Every parent wants the best for their kids, and Shahzad is no exception. Ever since his wife died he's...

Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)

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Robin is sent to work with the Teen Titans after his volatile behavior botches up a Justice League mission. The Titans must then step up to face Trigon after he possesses the League and threatens to conquer the world.Justice League vs Teen Titans

WWE Survivor Series (2016)

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Bill Goldberg face Brock Lesnar once again in the square circle whilst the RAW and Smackdown roster fight it out to see which brand is superior.

Collide (2016)

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An American backpacker gets involved with a ring of drug smugglers as their driver, though he winds up on the run from his employers across Cologne high-speed Autobahn.

The Last Shaman (2016)

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James gives himself 12 months before he has 'a license to kill himself', he sets off to the amazon rainforest with hopes of finding a shaman who can save his life.

Enlighten Us (2016)

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ENLIGHTEN US: THE RISE AND FALL OF JAMES ARTHUR RAY is the story of the motivational rock star's meteoric rise...

Sick of it All (2017)

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Sick of it All, a black and white noir style comedy which speaks to the child in all of us. The dark...

Charlie Charlie (2016)

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An Eccentric haunted house owner invites a group of hapless teens to play the terrifying game known as Charlie Charlie...

The Business of Amateurs (2016)

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The NCAA is the face for college athletics, and it generates billions of dollars every year for the top universities in the United States...

Apple of My Eye (2017)

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A young girl struggles after a traumatic horse riding accident causes her to lose her eyesight. CHARLES, the head trainer of Southeastern Guide Dogs, trains Apple, a miniature horse, to be her companion and surrogate eyes.

Amityville Exorcism (2017)

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A family must put faith in a mysterious priest when an demonic force, connected to a decades-old murders in their home, possesses their daughter.

Frat Star (2017)

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"Frat Star" explores the alluring, superficial, manipulative, and dark world of Ivy League fraternity culture...

Valley of the Sasquatch (2015)

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A father, his son and two old friends arrive at an isolated family cabin for a weekend of hunting. A trip deep into the forest looking for wild game uncovers a tribe of Sasquatch that are determined to protect their land.

Nieve negra (2017)

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Accused of killing his brother during adolescence, Salvador lives alone in the middle of Patagonia. Several decades later, his brother Marcos and his sister-in-law Laura, come to convince him to sell the lands they share by inheritance.

Crosscurrent (2016)

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A voyage in between a woman who tries to searching for the meaning of life and a man holding a book of poems on the longest river of Mainland China.